Marty Letts, Great Lake Sales and Service Director, Harbor Springs, MI

Marty LettsAs a longtime “friend of the family,” Marty began his association with Hinckley back in the early eighties while working as the Purchasing Agent for Hank Hinckley’s Ocean Cruising Yachts. He has terrific hands-on knowledge of yachts.

Marty’s career in the marine industry has also included stints in both production and service. In 2004 Marty assumed responsibility for Hinckley customer service in the Great Lakes and in 2006 became Sales Director for the region.

Located in Harbor Springs, Michigan, north of the 45th parallel, the Great Lakes Hinckley office reminds Marty a lot of Maine. Beautiful summers for boating (and cold winters spent in anticipation of summer). In fact, Marty was raised on the “sweet waters” of the Great Lakes but after graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor moved to the ocean and sailed extensively in the North Atlantic, Caribbean and Baltic waters.

Today he still claims to enjoy the Michigan winters and is considering taking up ice sailing.

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One of the most important parts of your experience with Hinckley is with our sales personnel. Each member of this very talented team is deeply experienced in how Hinckley yachts are created, from the initial conversation with a customer to the moment a new hull slides into the water. Consider your Hinckley sales contact a resource, a guide, and a partner throughout your relationship with us.