Jack Erbes, Operations and Brokerage Manager, Naples, FL

Jack Erbes

In 1998 Jack joined the team at The Hinckley Company as a service electrician, using skills and knowledge acquired during his 10 years of service in the Navy. He quickly became a technical expert on Hinckley’s latest innovation and assumed the role of the company’s first Jetstick technician. He went on to a postion in Hinckley’s Maine production facility assuring trouble-free deliveries of new yachts.

Jack has also served in roles as Owner Experience Manager for the Northeast/Chesapeake Bay Region, as a Service Manager in Rhode Island, as Quality Manager in Maine and as GM of Service in Naples, FL.

Hinckley has built its reputation on quality products and exceptional customer support and Jack has long experience in providing both.

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One of the most important parts of your experience with Hinckley is with our sales personnel. Each member of this very talented team is deeply experienced in how Hinckley yachts are created, from the initial conversation with a customer to the moment a new hull slides into the water. Consider your Hinckley sales contact a resource, a guide, and a partner throughout your relationship with us.