Eric Champlin, Stuart, FL

Eric ChamplinAs a junior in college, Eric had an opportunity to work at the Hinckley dock in Southwest Harbor. He quickly became convinced it was a unique company and in 1994, Eric began working on the newly developed Picnic Boat. He supported sea trials, training, and warranty. Then, as Picnic Boat personnel expanded, Eric began his work as part of the Hinckley sales team in 1998.

In 2000 he opened the first Hinckley office in Florida. It quickly became apparent there was tremendous opportunity for the company to grow in the southeast and the establishment of a large Hinckley service facility in Stuart, FL expanded the company’s footprint and capabilities significantly.

Eric has had a very successful tenure in Florida, where he lives with his family. He especially enjoys the long-term relationships with owners that are part of the Hinckley tradition – and the relationships with Hinckley colleagues who have mentored and taught him what he knows, including Bob Hinckley, Shep McKenney, Steve Keiser, and Paul Frederick, among others.

He spent every childhood summer on Mount Desert Island and grew up sailing the waters around Southwest Harbor. At age 10, he raced aboard a Hinckley Competition 41. Eric is indeed a Hinckley person born and bred.

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One of the most important parts of your experience with Hinckley is with our sales personnel. Each member of this very talented team is deeply experienced in how Hinckley yachts are created, from the initial conversation with a customer to the moment a new hull slides into the water. Consider your Hinckley sales contact a resource, a guide, and a partner throughout your relationship with us.